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Posted by Kim Regan on

Hi everyone! A little bit about me!

I am a mother of 2 gorgeous girls, a grand mother to 2 cute gran kiddies and have a wonderful hubby. 

I am very grateful that they fully support me whilst I take this journey establishing my small business.

One day I hope to atleast try my hand in a  bricks and mortar shop but for now am concentrating on my website.

I  started working with glass almost 30 years ago! Starting out with the leadlight form but realised it was very time consuming & alot more supplies used just to make 1 product so I learnt how to fuse glass instead! I taught myself by reading ALOT of books!   

I love working with a particular glass called 'dichroic' (you will see it in alot of my work along the way) it has such vibrancy and comes in a large range of textures and colours.

Most of my life I have mainly been doing gifts with a little Jewellery on the side  but recently have expanded my Jewellery range to make it my main focus. 

I have recently started incorporating sterling silver wire into my range to expand and give more variety, eventually learning silversmithing  when time allows me! 

Alot of my products are OOAK as I love to give you, the customer something unique and original that you won't find anyone else wearing! 

I have only recently started my website so please pop back regularly as I introduce much more of my Jewellery range inbetween spending time with my grand children, markets, creating and enjoying life! :) 

I hope you will follow my journey as you never know where it might take us! :)

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  • Exciting!

    I first saw glass work in Milan and fell in love. I admire the energy and speed at which you have to work with hot glass. Congrats on your art and biz!

    Veronica on

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